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Dean Johnson's Music


To purchase instruments call (813) 782-4258 with Credit Card or Contact us here

Dean U-stock AKA B-stock Specials
Subject to availability and/or while supplies last. Note that new items come available periodically, so give us a call if you have an interest in an item not listed here.
Updates to this list are done sporadically.
Greyed out items are low stock and may not be available
Last updated May 5, 2016.

Dean Johnson's Music is not liable for typographical errors in description or pricing. Remember that we are all human.

Cases not included unless specified. Prices do not include shipping.

Our Price
U BW6E Backwoods Banjo 6 String $- $468.88
U BW6E BC Backwoods Banjo 6 String w/pickup Black $- $617.70
Resonator Guitars
Our Price
U RESCBC Resonator Thin Body Electric Black Chrome $479.00 $1,200.00
U RESCG Resonator Thin Body Electric $510.64$1,201.50
Our Price
U BGFE VSS Bluegrass F/e Mandolin Satin Vintage Sunburst $249.00 $552.50
Our Price
U UKE DC FM TGR Ukulele Concert Flame Maple Trans Green $139.00 $297.50
Acoustic Guitars
Our Price
U 12GAUGE CE GN 12 Gauge solid top Cutaway electric Gloss Natural $275.00 $643.45
U AX DQA TBK Axs Dreadnaught Quilt Ash Trans Black $149.00 $272.50
U AX D CBK Axs Dreadnaught Classic Black $109.99 $225.00
U AX DQA TSB Axs Dreadnaught Quilt Ash Tobacco Sunburst $149.00 $272.50
U AX PE SVB Axs Performer A/e - Silverburst $156.38$347.50
U BM PLAYER Bret Michaels - The Player $167.63$372.50
U BM JORJAINE Bret Michaels Jorja Raine $167.63 $372.50
U CS Espana Solid Top - Mahogany$163.90$364.22
U CSCM Espana Solid Top Cutaway $225.00 $483.25
U EX BKS Exhibition A/e W/aphex® - Black$271.42$603.15
U EX RES Exhibition A/e W/aphex® - R$271.42$603.15
U EX SN Exhibition A/e W/aphex® - Satin$271.42$603.15
U EXFM TRD Exhibition Fm A/e W/aphex®$301.93$670.95
U EXQA GN Exhibition Quilt Ash A/e W/aphex® Gloss Natural$301.93 $621.25
U EXQA TGE Exhibition Quilt Ash A/e W/aphex® Tiger Eye $301.93 $621.25
U EXULTRA CWH Exhibition Ultra W/b-band Usb $287.55$639.00
U EXULTRA CBK Exhibition Ultra W/b-band Usb - Cbk$287.55$639.00
U EPADUK Exotica A/e - Paduk Wood $267.62$594.70
U E PLUS CBK Exotica Plus Solid Top A/e - Classic Black $249.00$539.00
U ESPALT Exotica A/e - Spalt Maple$312.94$695.43
U EWAL Exotica A/e - Walnut WoodCALL$571.78
U EQA12 GN Exotica Quilt Ash A/E 12 String Gloss Natural $- $738.68
U EQA GN Exotica Quilt Ash Acoustic/Electric Gloss Natural $275.00 $666.12
U EQA TBZ Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Trans Brazillia $269.50 $598.88
U ECSW Exotica A/e Complete Solid Wood $493.85$1,162.00
U ECSW SW GN Exotica A/e Complete Solid Wood Scott Weiland GN $493.85 $1,162.00
U EFM Exotica Flame Maple Gloss Natural CALL $369.00
U EBUBINGA Exotica A/e W/aphex® - Bubinga $302.74$712.33
U ECOCO Exotica A/e W/aphex® - Cocobolo $299.00 $699.60
U EANDES Exotica Andes A/e - Gloss Natural $275.00$651.90
U EABS CBK Exotica Supreme A/e Bass W/aphexCALL
U ESEL TGE Exotica Select A/e - Tiger Eye $362.73$853.48
U EX KOA Exhibition Koa A/E w/Aphex $319.99 $707.17
U FLY BUB Flight Bubinga travel guitar $129.00$272.50
U FLY BKS Flight Mahogany travel guitar Black Satin $119.00$262.50
U FLY MAH Flight Mahogany travel guitar $119.00$247.50
U MAKO GLORY Mako Dave Mustaine a/e USA Flag $329.00 $859.72
U MAKO TBK Mako Dave Mustaine Flame a/e Trans Black $329.00 $859.72
U NSD GN Natural Series Dreadnought A/e $249.00 $598.50
U PE BB Performer Electric - Blue Burst$156.38$347.50
U PE GN Performer Electric - Gloss Natural$156.38$347.50
U PE CBK Performer Electric - Classic Black$156.38$347.50
U PE TPP Performer Electric - Trans Power$156.38$347.50
U PE FM FTGE Performer Fm A/e W/aphex® - Tiger Eye $257.89 $573.08
U PE FM TBK Performer Fm A/e W/aphex® - Trans Black $257.89 $573.08
U PE FM GN Performer Fm A/e W/aphex® - Gloss natrual CALL $540.65
U PE PLUS GN Performer Plus A/e - Gloss Natural$211.92$470.93
U PE PLUS BKS Performer Plus A/e - Black Satin$211.92$470.93
U PE PLUS TSB Performer Plus A/e - Tobacco Sunburst $211.92$470.93
U PE QA TBL Performer Quilt Ash A/e W/aphex®$257.88$573.07
U PE UFM TGE Performer Ultra Flame Maple A/e $282.79$628.43
U SAD CBK St. Augustine Dreadnought - Cbk$156.38$347.50
U SADC CBK St. Augustine Dread Cutaway- Classic Black $218.48 $485.50
U SADC TSB St. Augustine Dread Cutaway- Tobacco Sunburst $218.48 $485.50
U AK48 GN Tradition Ak48 - Trans Gloss Natural $175.00 $338.75
U AK48 TBK Tradition Ak48 - Trans Black $175.00$338.75
U AK48 TBL Tradition Ak48 - Trans Blue W/case $175.00$338.75
U AK48 TRD Tradition Ak48 - Trans Red W/case $175.00$338.75
U AK48F GN Tradition Ak48 Florentine A/e - Gn $185.00$382.25
U NSD12 TSB Natural Series DREAD 12 String Tobacco Sunburst $-  
U NSFC TSB Natural Series Nfsc Tobacco Sunburst CALL  
U T77 FQM GAM Tradition Florentine A/E Gloss CALL $452.08
Electric Guitars
Our Price
U AVJ CBK Avalanche Mini - Classic Black $94.99 $210.68
U AVL CWH Avalanche - Classic WhiteCALL$223.75
U AVL CRD Avalanche - Classic Red $110.00 $---
U AVLDX TBL Avalanche Deluxe - Trans Blue CALL$298.75
U AVLDX TBZ Avalanche Deluxe - Trans BraziliaCALL$298.75
U AVLT CBK Avalanche Model T - Classic BlackCALL$298.75
U BBOLT - Dimebag Black Bolt MI $224.55 $499.00
U BBOLTF - Dimebag Black Bolt Floyd MI $254.58 $599.00
U BML PBK Baby ML - Powder Black $159$311.25
U BV PBK Baby V - Powder Black $159$311.25
U BZ PBK Baby Z - Powder Black $159$311.25
U BM Z MBK Bret Michaels Z - Metallic Black $429.00 $972.50
U BM Z MWH Bret Michaels Z - Metallic WhiteCALL$972.50
U CADISEL TCS Cadillac Select Trans Cherry $399.00 $869.90
U CADIX CBK Cadillac X - Classic$163.02$362.27
U C250T CBK Custom 250 Tremolo - Classic $149.00 $---
U C350 TRD Custom 350 - Trans Red$224.55$499.00
U C350F GN Custom 350 Floyd - Gloss Natural$247.46$549.92
U C350F TRD Custom 350 Floyd - Trans Red$247.46$549.92
U C380F TAB Custom 380 Floyd - Trans Amberburst $269.84 $599.63
U C450 FM SC Custom 450 Flame Top w/EMG - Scary Cherry $413.68 $973.37
U C450F GRAPHYTE Custom 450 Floyd - Graphyte$392.06$922.50
U C550F CBK Custom 550 Floyd - Classic Black $459.99 $-
U C550F MWH Custom 550 Floyd - Metallic White $459.99 $-
U COLT CBK Colt semi-hollow body w/piezo - Classic Black $360.00 $878.40
U DB CAMO F Dimebag Dime Camo Floyd ML $289.00 $599.00
U DB DRIVEN Dimebag Pantera Far Beyond Driven ML $249.99 $524.00
U DB SHOWDOWN Dimebag Showdown MI $346.78 $815.00
U DECEIVER CBK Deceiver - Classic Black $429.00$1,099.00
U DECEIVER CWH Deceiver - Classic WhiteCALL$1,099.00
U DECEIVER DM Deceiver Death Machine CALL $---
U DECEIVER FM SC Deceiver Flame Top - Scary Cherry CALL $---
U DECEIVER FM TBL Deceiver Flame Tp w/EMG - Trans Blue CALL $---
U DECEIVER FM F SC Deceiver Floyd Flame Top - Scary Cherry CALL$1,412.50
U DECEIVER FM F TBK Deceiver Floyd Flame Top - Trans Black $449.00 $1,412.50
U DECEIVER FG BKS Deceiver Floyd Gold - Black SatinCALL$1,412.50
U DECEIVER X MSL Deceiver X - Metallic Silver $190.13$422.50
U DECEIVER X TRD Deceiver X - Trans Red $190.13 $422.50
U EPV Eric Peterson Old Skull V $449.00 $-
U EVO 1000 MABK Evo 1000 Series - Matte Black $129.00$347.50
U EVO 1000 MCH Evo 1000 Series - Metallic Charcoal CALL $---
U EVO 1000 TBZ Evo 1000 Series - Trans Brazillia CALL $---
U EVO 1000 TCS Evo 1000 Series - Trans Cherry $129.00 $347.50
U EVO 2000 TBK Evo 2000 Series - Trans Black $211.50$470.00
U EVO 2000 TBZ Evo 2000 Series - Trans Brazilia $211.50$470.00
U EVO 2000 TCS Evo 2000 Series - Trans Cherry $211.50 $470.00
U EVOJ CBK Evo Mini - Classic Black $94.99$210.68
U EVOXM CBK Evo Xm - Classic Black$88.88$197.50
U EVOXM SN Evo Xm - Satin Natural$93.32$207.38
U EVOXM TRD Evo Xm - Trans Red $- $207.38
U EVOXM MSL Evo Xm - Metallic Silver $- $236.24
U GS F CBK Gran Sport Floyd - Classic Black $435.63 $1,025.00
U GS STH CBK Gran Sport Stealth Black Satin $599.00 $1,135.88
U LWS Leslie West Standard Trans Braziliaburst $449.00 $1, 083.50
U LWS MQ Leslie West Standard Mississippi$339.79$799.50
U MAB3 CBK Michael Batio Mab3 - Classic Black $249.00$648.37
U MAB3 MRD Michael Batio Mab3 - Metallic Red $275.00$648.37
U MAB3 SVB Michael Batio Mab3 - Silver Burst $249.00$648.37
U ML ATF3000 SC ML Archtop 3000 Floyd Scary Cherry $- $-
U MAS TYRANTX SPLT Michael Amott Tyrant X Splatter $229.99$499.00
U ML CS TCH ML Chicago Standard Trans Cherry $350.00 $892.12
U ML CF CBK Ml Chicago Flame - Classic Black $448.21$1,054.62
U ML CF TBZ Ml Chicago Flame - Trans Brazilia$448.21$1,054.62
U MLNXT CBK ML Noir XT Classic Black $325.00 $735.99
U MLX CBK Mlx - Classic Black$152.64$339.20
U MLX TBZ Mlx - Trans Brazilia$152.64$339.20
U MLXF CBK Mlx Floyd - Classic Black $225.00 $499.00
U MLXF GMG Mlx Floyd - Gunmetal Grey $225.00 $499.00
U MLXM TBK ML Xm - Trans Black $131.49 $292.20
U MS KALEIDO Michael Schenker Kaleidoscope $- $972.50
U MS STD Michael Schenker Standard $225.00 $499.00
U PALOMINO GN Palomino Gloss Natural CALL $---
U RZR CG Razorback - Cemetary Gates $718.24 $1,596.08
U RZR7 DB F CBK Razorback Dimebag Floyd classic blackCALL $797.40
U RZR DB F LTNG Razorback Dimebag Floyd Lightning $338.90 $797.40
U RZR DB F CBK Razorback Dimebag Floyd Classic Black $338.90 $797.40
U RZR DB F MECH Razorback Dimebag Floyd Biomech $--- $797.40
U RC7E TRD Rusty Cooley 7 String Exotic - Trd $803.25$1,890.00
U RC8X CBK Rusty Cooley 8 String Classic Black $519.00$1,460.00
U STHF DS Stealth Floyd FM - Dime Slime $- $1,572.50
U TB CBK Thoroughbreed Maple Top Classic Black $325.00 $800.00
U TB DLX SC Thoroughbred Deluxe Scary Cherry $425.00 $972.50
U TB DLX TBKS Thoroughbreed Deluxe Trans black satin CALL $972.50
U TB STH BTS Thoroughbreed Stealth - Black Satin CALL $1,135.88
U TB TBZ Thoroughbreed - Trans Brazilia $360.00 $800
U VBG V Black GoldCALL
U V CS CBK V Chicago Standard - Classic Black $--- $892.12
U VMNT PS V Dave Mustaine - Peace Sells$340.00$800.00
U VMNTX CBK V Dave Mustaine Bolt-on - Classic Black $224.55 $499.00
U VMNTX MSL V Dave MUstaine Bolt-on - Metallic Silver $224.55 $499.00
U VMS TBL Vinnie Moore Signature - Trans Blue $349.00 $928.45
U VN F CBK Vendetta Floyd w/EMG Classic Black $349.00 $1,070.87
U VN MUERTE Vendetta Teatro De La Muerte CALL $823.00
U VN1 Vendetta 1.0 - Gloss Natural$156.38$347.50
U VN1 CBK Vendetta 1.0 - Classic Black $149.99$347.50
U VN1F Vendetta 1.0 Floyd - Gloss Natural $159.00$438.00
U VN1000F TRD MF Vendetta 1000 Floyd - Trans Red $225.00  
U VN1F MSL Vendetta 1.0 Floyd - Metallic Silver $199.00
U VN1F TBK Vendetta 1.0 Floyd - Trans Black $159.00
U VN1F TBL Vendetta 1.0 Floyd - Trans Blue $199.00
U VN1F TRD Vendetta 1.0 Floyd - Trans Red $159.00
U VN1.7 CBK Vendetta 1.7 7 String - Classic$185.63$412.50
U VN1.7 Vendetta 1.7 7 String - Gloss Natural $190.00$412.50
U VN3 CBK Vendetta 3.0 - Classic Black $299.00 $700.00
U VN4F CWH Vendetta 4.0 Floyd - Classic White $399.00
U VNXM CBK Vendetta Xm - Classic Black$100.13$222.50
U VNXM MSL Vendetta Xm - Metallic Silver$100.13$222.50
U VNXM SN Vendetta Xm - Satin Natural $100.13$222.50
U VNXM TBK Vendetta Xm - Trans Black Gloss$100.13$222.50
U VNXM TBKS Vendetta Xm - Trans Black Satin$100.13$222.50
U VNXM7 TBK Vendetta Xm 7 String - Trans Black$122.63$272.50
U VNXMT BKS Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Black Satin$122.63$272.50
U VNXMT HSH MBK Vendetta Xm Tremolo HSH Metallic Black $139.00  
U VNXMT MBK Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Metallic Black $122.63$272.50
U VNXMT MBL Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Metallic Blue $122.63$272.50
U VNXMT MRD Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Metallic Red$122.63$272.50
U VNXMT TBKS Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Trans Black$122.63$272.50
U VNXMT SN Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Satin Natural $122.63$272.50
U VNXMTS CBK Vendetta Xmts - Classic Black $119.00
U VX CBK Vx - Classic Black$152.64$339.20
U Z TOMIZAKI Tommy Bolin Z Tomizaki CALL
U Z CS CBK Z Chicago Standard Classic Black $375.00 $973.38
U ZERO AODII Zero Dave Mustaine Angel of Deth II $299.99 $800.00
U ZERO MSL Zero Dave Mustaine Metallic Silver $699.00 $1,573.43
U ZX TBZ Zx - Trans Brazilia$152.64$339.20
U ZX CBK Zx - Classic Black$152.64$339.20
Bass Guitars
Our Price
U DEMONATOR 4 CBK Demonator 4 String - Classic Black $401.46 $892.13
U DEMONATOR 4 CHS Demonator 4 String - Chaos $401.46 $892.13
U DEMONATOR M2A Demonator Metalman w/active EQ $199.00 $499.99
U CZONE BASS NG Custom Zone - Nuclear Green $145.96$324.36
U E09 CBK Edge 09 - Classic Black $122.63$272.50
U E09M SN Edge 09 - Satin Natural$112.09$249.08
U E09M MRD Edge 09 - Metallic Red$112.09$249.08
U E09 5 CBK Edge 09 5 String - Classic Black$146.21$324.90
U E1 CBK Edge 1 - Classic Black$143.78$319.50
U E1 TRD Edge 1 - Trans Red$143.78$319.50
U E1 Tam Edge 1 - Trans Amber $143.78$319.50
U E1 5 CBK Edge 1 5 String - Classic Black $185.06$411.25
U E1Q TBL Edge 1 Quilt - Trans BlueCALL$397.48
U E10A CBK Edge 10 w/Active EQ classic black $199.99 $411.25
U E10APJ CATA Edge 10 Pj W/active Eq Catacombs $199.00$423.67
U E10APJ CBK Edge 10 Pj W/active Eq - Classic Black$168.30$374.00
U E10APJ CWH Edge 10 Pj W/active Eq - Classic White $168.30$374.00
U E10APJ SKULL Edge 10 Pj W/active Eq - Skull Crusher$190.66$423.68
U E6 TBK Edge 6 String W/active Eq - Trans$318.75$749.99
U E10A MRD Edge10 W/active Eq - Metallic Red$145.13$322.50
U EBHB BKS Eric Bass Hillsboro - Black Satin$344.62$810.88
U EBHB MGD Eric Bass Hillsboro - Metallic Gold$344.62$810.88
U EQ5 TAB Edge Quilt 5 Trans Amberburst $375.00 $880.00
U EVOXM BASS Evo - Mahogany Finish$145.13$322.50
U EVOXM MSL Evo Xm - Metallic SilverCALL
U ZOXMB TBK GC Zone Bass Trans Black Satin$123.19$273.75
U H09 CBK Hillsboro 09 Classic Black $149.00 $279.50
U HILLSBORO TBK Hillsboro J W/active Eq - Trans Black $219.00$489.25
U HILLSBORO TBL Hillsboro J W/active Eq - Trans Blue $219.00$489.25
U HILLSBORO JR CBK Hillsboro Junior 3/4 Classic Black $110.00$223.75
U HILLSBORO FFP CSB Hillsboro Single W/active Eq - Cherry Sunburst $199.00$470.93
U HILLSBORO FFP CWH Hillsboro Single W/active Eq - Classic White $199.00$470.93
U HILLSBORO FFP TSB Hillsboro Single W/active Eq - Tobacco Sunburst $199.00$470.93
U JBP TBZ Jeff Berlin Player Exotic Bulred TBZ $275.00 $621.90
U JE HYBRID CBK John Entwistle Hybrid Classic Black $475.00 $1,083.45
U JE HYBRID MRD John Entwistle Hybrid Metallic Red$-$-
U JE SPIDER CBK John Entwistle Spider Classic Black $499.00 $1,306.25
U MLM Ml Metalman Bass Black $149.00 $324.36
U MLM2A Ml Metalman Bass W/active Eq$211.56$470.14
U MOTTO TRD Motto Trans Red $375.00 $928.45
U VM V Metalman - Classic Black $149.00$---
U VM2A V Metalman W/active Eq - Classic$211.56$470.14
U VNB4 TAM Vendetta Bass 4 - Trans Amber $299.99 $599.99
U VNB4 TRD Vendetta Bass 4 - Trans Red $299.99 $599.99
U ZOXMB MBK Zone Bass - Metallic Black$123.19$273.75
U ZOXMB MBL Zone Bass - Metallic Blue $123.19$273.75
U ZOXMB MSL Zone Bass - Metallic Silver $123.19$273.75
Left Handed Bass Guitars
Our Price
U E09L CBK Edge 09 Bass - Classic Black Lefty $139.99$299.75
U EABC L Acoustic/Electric Bass Cutaway Lefty $199.99 $-
Acoustic Bass Guitars
Our Price
U EAB Acoustic/electric Bass - Satin Natural $134.44$298.75
U EAB CBK Acoustic/electric Bass - Classic Black $134.44 $298.75
U EAB FL Acoustic/electric Bass - Fretless - GN $164.81 $366.25
U EABC Acoustic/electric Bass Caw - Satin Natural $156.39 $347.54
U EABC5 Acoustic/electric Bass Caw 5 string -Satin Natural $163.13 $362.50
U EQABA GN Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Gloss Natural $--- $564.98
U EQABA TBK Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Trans Black $275.00 $564.98
U EQABA FLTBK Exotica Quilt Ash FretlessA/E Trans Black $280.00 $634.40
U MAKO TBK Mako Bass Dave Mustaine A/e FM trans black $--- $748.50
U MAKOB GLORY Mako Bass Dave Mustaine A/e FM USA Flag $299.99 $748.50
Left Handed Electric Guitars
Our Price
U DECEIVER X CBK L Deceiver X Classic Black $199.99 $-
U DFH CFH L NC Dimebag Dime From Hell Ml Lefty$555.16$1,306.25
U MLXL CBK MLX Classic Black Lefty $189.99$797.40
U RZR L EXPL Razorback Explosion Lefty $709.99 $-
U VXL CBK Vx Classic Black Lefty $338.90$797.40
Guitar Starter Packs
Our Price
U AK48 PK Tradition Ak48 Pack - Gn W/gig Bag$122.63$272.50
U E09 CBK PK Edge 09 Bass Pack - Cbk W/amp$167.63$372.50
U VNXMT SN PK Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Satin Nat$151.88$337.50
U VNXMT MRD PK Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Metallic Red $151.88$337.50
U VNXMT MBL PK Vendetta Xm Tremolo - Metallic Blue $151.88$337.50
Playmate Electric Guitars
Our Price
U PLAYEVO CBK Playmate Evo - Classic BlackCALL
Prototype Guitars
Our Price
U CADI1980 SVB Cadillac 1980 Maple TopCALL
Private Label
Our Price
U EAB FL CBK MF Dean Acoustic / Electric Bas Fretless Classic Black $179.99 ---
U ZEROX CBK Zero X Classic Black $199.99 ---
U ZOXMB TBK GC Zone Bass Trans Black $119.99 ---
NAMM Floor Display
Our Price
U AX D CBK Axs Dreadnought - Classic Black CALL
U E PLUS TSB Dean Exotica Plus Solid Top A/E Tobacco Sunburst $249.00 $539.00
U E UQA TBK Dean Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Trans Black $259.00 $598.88
U E UQA TBZ Dean Exotica Quilt Ash A/E Trans Brazillia $259.00 $598.88
U EABS CBK Dean Exotica Supreme A/E Bass w/Aphex Classic Black $299.00 $703.50
U ECSW SW Dean Exotica A/E CSW Scott Weiland $475.00 $1,162.00
U VNXMT HSH MBK Vendetta Xm Tremolo Hsh Metallic CALL
Dime Amps
Our Price
U D100 Dimebag Amp - 100 Watt SolidCALL
Located at:
38150 North Avenue Zephyrhills, FL 33542 :: Find Us
(813) 782-4258
(813) 783-9747