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Music Studio Policies



It is The Music Studio’s desire and intention to provide the highest level of private music instruction in the area and also to attract and produce the highest quality students.  We are happy to be able to provide this opportunity to the community and believe it should be viewed as a privilege to study music.  

The policies contained herein are typical to the arts schools and private studios that the owner is familiar with or has been associated with and are designed to ensure that our time (yours included) and your money are not wasted and that the quality and integrity of the studio, as well as the vocation of the instructors, are protected.

Commitment and Responsibility

Faithfulness is one of the highest, if not the highest, virtues a student can possess and it is expected that the student will be faithful in coming to their lessons from week to week and that they will also maintain a regular schedule of practice at home.  Learning to play any instrument well requires dedication and sacrifice, but the end results are always worthwhile.


Fees for Music Studio students are currently as follows:

$ 20.00 per 1/2 hour time-block 

$ 40.00 per 1 hour time block

All fees are payable in advance on the student’s last lesson of the expiring month to reserve times for the upcoming month.  Please be timely with your payments.  Fees are nonrefundable.  [Please be aware of the months with 5 lesson days.  For students with ½ hour time blocks fees for those months will be $100.00 instead of $80 (teaching materials and supplies not included)].  NOTES : 1) Even if there is one or more credits on a student’s account, the fees for the upcoming month, less any credits, are still due on the student’s last lesson of the month.  2) Please indicate the month being paid for on your check and your child‘s name if their last name is different from yours. 3) If lesson fees for the upcoming month are received after the student’s last lesson of the expiring month, a clerical fee of $5.00 per week will be assessed until the payment is received. 4) Students who decide to discontinue lessons are asked to inform the Studio of their intention to do so no later than the last lesson they plan to attend. Students that discontinue without notification may be liable for additional lesson fees.

Make Up Policies

A 48 hour notice of cancellation is required in order to be eligible for a makeup lesson.  This is especially true of missed lessons (no-shows) and same-day cancelations.  Make-ups for lessons canceled with proper notice should be arranged with the front desk.  Any lessons missed due to a teacher's schedule conflicts, illness or vacation will be made-up or credited to the next month at the teacher’s discretion.


Typically, when a student is planning to go off for vacation make-ups will be given for the missed lessons.   As an example, for a typical 2 week vacation a one hour lesson may be planned before and another after the trip.  A maximum of three make-ups per year will be given for vacations per student.  (If a student misses 4 lessons while on vacation, only three can be made up).   Each scenario is evaluated individually to determine a plan of action.  Please, discuss any planned vacations that will affect scheduling at least ONE month before your trip, if possible.  NOTES: 1) Time slots cannot be held for leaves or extended vacations unless paid for in full.  2) Time slots cannot be held for regular vacations if make-ups are not scheduled. 3) Credits for vacations are a last resort in the cases where it is impossible or unreasonable to accommodate a make-up. 


The studio usually remains open for Monday holidays such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Labor Day.  Advance notice will be given if that is not to be the case, otherwise, lessons will be taught.  Please discuss options for make-ups with your instructor and the studio at least 48 hours in advance if you will not be attending the lesson on one of those days. 

The studio will NOT be open on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  Please discuss the payments for the months containing those holidays with us if you have questions or concerns.  Also, watch for notices in the lobby or e-mails that will be posted or sent as the need arises related to holidays in general. 

Other ethnic and/or cultural holidays will be dealt with on an individual basis. 

Lesson Format

Lessons are usually given in a ONE-TO-ONE setting.  Since it can sometimes be distracting and hindering to both student and teacher to have spectators in the studio during lessons it will be left to the instructors discretion to allow or not allow such scenarios.  Parents of  young children are always permitted to sit in on the first lesson to observe the teaching format and environment.  Parents and friends of students are always more than welcome to wait in the lobby area while lessons are in progress.

Half hour lessons run approximately 27 minutes in duration to allow for student change-over (students are scheduled back-to-back) with lessons ending typically at 27 and 57 past the hour.

Students are responsible to bring all books and handouts that have been assigned to them to each lesson.  They should also remember to bring their cassette tape (if they have been working with one) and any other necessary equipment (i.e. -  picks, bows, rosin, etc).

Parental Involvement

Parents are invaluable to the success of a student.   They should be involved in  the regulating of consistent practice at home during the week.  Beginning students are encouraged to practice a minimum of 2 1/2 to 3 hours a week (4 or 5 days a week for 30 minutes each day) initially.

Required Equipment

Students will typically be required to purchase a music curriculum when beginning lessons.  It is also recommended that the student have a music stand to practice from at home.  The need or desire may also occasionally arise for the student to obtain additional books and/or equipment to aid in the education process such as a metronome, tuner, and capo, etc.  These needs will vary based on the instrument being studied and the student’s level of proficiency among other factors.  For your convenience the Studio stocks most of the basic accessories that a student may need.   

Instrument Care

Students and parents are encouraged to discuss proper instrument care and maintenance with the instructor.  In general, it is best to keep instruments in a cooler (air conditioned, if possible) environment.  It is not good to leave instruments in the car for an extended period of time, especially here in Florida, because of the heat which can significantly affect or completely ruin them.  (Extreme heat can cause the wood or metal to warp and the glues that hold some instruments together to break down). 

Practice Routines

Playing through assignments once a day is not optimum practice.  Multiple repetitions (at least three times) is much more productive.  It is also wise to isolate more challenging spots in songs and exercises and to work them over extra out of context.  Longer assignments can be broken down into smaller sections with each section being repeated until the entire assignment can be played through more easily.  More specific practice routines should be discussed with the teacher as individual teachers have various strategies they recommend to assist in diverse situations.


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