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Dean Johnson's Music


To purchase instruments call (813) 782-4258 with Credit Card or Contact us here

Luna U-stock AKA B-stock Specials
Subject to availability and/or while supplies last. Note that new items come available periodically, so give us a call if you have an interest in an item not listed here. Updates to this list are done sporadically. Last updated July 3, 2014.

Dean Johnson's Music is not liable for typographical errors in description or pricing. Remember that we are all human.

Cases not included unless specified. Prices do not include shipping.

Acoustic GuitarsOur PriceList
U AMD50 Americana Classic Dreadnought $239.00 $524.00
U AMT100 Americana cutaway A/E T leather CALL $723.17
U AMD100 Americana Classic cutaway A/E D $259.00 $616.02
U AMM100 Americana Mimbres Acoustic $325.00 $622.50
U AMP100 Americana Parlor cutaway w/ BBand $299.99 $682.50
U AMZ100 Americana Zia Accustic/Electric $319.99 $622.50
U ART CRAFTSMAN Art Craftsman Inspired Full Grand Auditorium $369.00 $898.50
U ART DECO Art Deco Inspired Full Grand Auditorium $- $898.50
U ART NOUVEAU Art Nouveau Inspired Full Grand Auditorium $- $898.50
U CEL SWAN Celtic Swan Sld Top Spruce, Rwd $317.26$746.50
U CEL HORSE Celtic Horse Sld Top Spruce, Rwd $317.26$746.50
U FAU BTFLY Fauna Butterfly Accoustic/Electric $299.00$695.63
U FAU DF QM Fauna Dragonfly Quilted Maple CALL  
U FAU DRA BLK Fauna Dragon Acoustic $316.01$702.25
U FAU ECL Fauna Eclipse Acoustic/Electric $259.00 $673.36
U FAU ECL TPK Fauna Eclipse Acoustic/Electric Trans Pink $275.00 $673.36
U FAU ECL TPP Fauna Eclipse Acoustic/Electric Trans Purple $275.00 $673.36
U FAU HUM Fauna Hummingbird acoustic/electric $299.99 $638.38
U FAU KOI Fauna Folk, Abalone Koi On Black $301.52$709.45
U FAU PHX BLK Fauna Phoenix - Black $316.01 $702.25
U FAU SWIFT Fauna Swift Fold Quilt Maple CALL 
U FLO LOT CUST Flora Lotus Gc Quilt Maple With$329.38$775.00
U FLO LOT QM Flora Lotus Trans Plum $279.00 $679.88
U FLO MOON CUST Flora Moonflower folk Quilt Maple $309.00 $775.00
U FLO LOT CUST Flora Lotus Gc Quilt Maple $329.38$775.00
U FLO PF QM Flora Passionflower Trans Purple Quilted Maple $249.00 $549.68
U FLO RSE Flora Rose Acoustic/Electric $299.25 $665.00
U GYP FLM Gypsy Flame Acoustic $133.88 $297.50
U GYP LOS Gypsy Lady Of Shallot CALL  
U GYP MUS Gypsy Muse Dreadnought w/ built in tuner CALL  
U GYP MUS PK Gypsy Muse Dreadnought Pack $125.00  
U GYP PAR Gypsy Parlor Acoustic w/ built in tuner $126.32 $280.70
U GYP SOTN Gypsy Spirit of the Night CALL  
U GYP QA TBLGypsy Muse Quilt Ash Trans Blue CALL $286.12
U FLO LOT QM Flora Lotus Trans Plum/quilted$291.38$647.50
U HEN PAR SPR Henna Paradise Spruce CALL  
U OCL ECL Oracle Eclipse Solid Top Dread$299.25$665.00
U OCL CRN Oracle Crane Laser Etched sound hole $269.00 $665.00
U OCL PCE Oracle Peace Grand Concert$290.59$683.75
U OCL DFY Oracle Dragonfly Acoustic Electric $299.00 $698.25
U OCL PHX Oracle Phoenix Acoustic Electric$329.38$775.00
U OCL TAT CDR Oracle Tattoo Polynesian Design Cedar $289.00 $845.99
U SAF DF Safari Dragonfly Travel Guitar $125.00 $272.50
U SAF PCE Safari Peace Travel Guitar CALL $272.50
U SAF STR Safari Starry Night Travel Guitar $125.00 $272.50
U TRI PAR Trinity Parlor Cutaway Acou/elec$295.88$657.50
U TRI 12Trinity 12 String Accoustic/Electric CALL $784.88
U VISTA MUSTANG Vista Mustang Tropical Wood RSW $450.00 $1,100.00
U VISTA WOLF Vista Wolf Tropical Wood Coco $450.00 $1,100.00
U WL ASH 12 Woodland Quilted Ash 12 string CALL  
U WL Bubinga Woodland Bubinga GA Cutaway CALL  
Electric GuitarsOur PriceList
U APL PAR Apollo Profile Etched Henna Design $145.58 $323.50
U APL PCE Apollo Profile Etched Peace Design $139.00 $323.50
U ATH HBG AQA Athena Hollow Body Aqua Mist $275.00 $547.50
U ATH HBG BLK Athena Hollow Body $299.00 $670.58
U ATH HBG AQA Athena Hollow Body Aqua Mist $275.00 $547.50
U ATH HYB QA Hybrid Ae Piezo Quilt Ash $126.32 $280.70
U ATH HYB TBFM Hybrid Ae Piezo Tobacco Burst Flame $126.32 $280.70
U DECO STE TEAL Deco Semi-hollow electric guitar teal CALL $775.00
U AND DCG FL TEAL Andromeda Flame - Teal W/bagCALL
U HEN TLE BLK Tle Electric W/ Henna Pickguard $302.81$712.50
U NEO PNK Neo Single Cutaway Pink W/ White $170.00 $275.00
U NEO YSP Neo Single Cutaway Your Space $199.00 $449.50
Aurora SeriesOur PriceList
U AR BOR BLK Aurora Borealis Cutaway 3/4 guitar black $95.00 $203.00
U AR BOR PNK Aurora Borealis Cutaway 3/4 guitar pink $95.00 $203.00
U AR BOR TEAL Aurora Borealis Cutaway 3/4 guitar teal $95.00 $203.00
U AR BOR WHT Aurora Borealis Cutaway 3/4 guitar white $95.00 $203.00
Bass GuitarsOur PriceList
U AND DCB FL AMB Andromeda Flame Bass - T. Amber $349.99
U AND DCB FL MER Andromeda Flame Bass - T. Merlot $249.99
U GYP PRE BLK Gypsy Neo Double Cutaway Bass $115.00
U MUS BASS Muse accoustic/electric Bass $249.00 $530.00
U PAZ 4 BLK Paz Signature 4string bass CALL  
BluegrassOur PriceList
U BGB CEL 5 Banjo Celtic 5 String $249.00 $591.25
Cases and Gig BagsOur PriceList
U LL DG Lightweight Case - Dread/grandCALL
UkulelesOur PriceList
U UKE TEC MAH Ukulele concert Tatto mahogany $- $207.85
U UKE GWS Ukulele Great Wave Soprano W/ Bag$73.01$162.25
Located at:
38150 North Avenue Zephyrhills, FL 33542 :: Find Us
(813) 782-4258
(813) 783-9747