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Dean Johnson's Music

Located at:
38150 North Avenue Zephyrhills, FL 33542 :: Find Us
(813) 782-4258
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I've received my Deering Crow Banjo, and it arrived a day ahead of schedule. It was shipped very carefully, and arrived in perfect condition... ready to play. This nice banjo is everything it was presented to be, and the seller stayed in good communication with me. I highly recommend this Ebay Seller.

- telemaster4407

Hi Dean! Yesterday I had quite a surprise when I was cutting firewood and a FedEx van appeared. And - most amazing - it had a big package from the US!!! Well, I must say, I've never in my live received a package this fast, and getting a delivery WITHOUT being called to the customs office in Vienna. The deliveryman collected the customs fee, and I had my package without any delay for the first time in my life! I opened it up and was impressed by the really careful and protective packing - another compliment to you - usually about 80 % of the items I buy overseas are damaged on the outside, and about 20% have more than minor damage and need to be refunded by insurance. If everybody were as careful as you are, my repair technicians would get a lot less work from me! Both instruments are great , the straps are perfect, too. I'm looking forward to seeing our daughters eyes on Christmas Eve! Thanks again for everything! I will definitely recommend all my friends who want to get great instruments to shop with you! And in case you ever come to Austria (Vienna) and have some time left, you are more than welcome to visit (or stay in our house if you need accommodation). All the best, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Dear Dean Johnson's music. Just a note to say Thank You. My BC Rich eagle was delivered today. I am always nervous buying a guitar online and, I have had some less than happy experiences on arrival. I must say that I have never been happier with an online purchase, EVER! My guitar is awesome and flawless. After a couple of personal tweeks it plays perfect. I buy lots of guitars and this required less adjustments than any that I have ever bought online (please thank your tech for me) Shipped from Florida to Ohio the intonation was dead on correct. You and your staff do a great job.
PS. Say hi to Candi for me. Thank you guys I will certainly buy from you again.PEACE!


Good morning
I received the guitar yesterday morning in a general fine condition. Thanks for the case, a very good option, stable yet much lighter than the cases I have and it still offers space for the belt etc. What the guitar is concerned: much less weight than I expected. Very nice design and appearance, great burst, very good looking ideed - of course not as flawless as my Les Paul Deluxe, but that is another league. I'd say considering the price, it is extremely good value for money, clearly better than anything I have played before in that price range and higher. The neck is great, the tuners work smoothly, controls are fine. Some upper frets are not so smooth and it had a bit of string buzz, which I could control by adjusting the neck. The PU sounds monsterous, just what you expect from a Lesly West Signature. Unlike most guitar reviews, the guitar offers some versatility, as the volume knob has a good range. It is my first Dean guitar and I am very pleased with it. I use an Orange TT and a Blackstar HT5 Combo, both work great with it. The service and quality your shop offered was clearly above other shops I have bought in the past, and I regularly buy guitars on Ebay. I will give you an excellent review and add your shop to my favorites and mailing list. Should I ever wish to have another Dean I will get back to you.
Thanks and regards, Martin (from Switzerland)

- kinglouis2007

Trustworthy enough to do an international wire transfer. Excellent communication.
GOLD TONE CC-100R+ Cripple Creek Banjo NEW w/Hard Case (#200480921521)

Dean Vendetta Special Purchase


- vynlhead

Hi Dean, I personally wanted to thank you for the amazing guitar. I have about 12 guitars that I have bought from Craigslist and other guitar stores and havent been completely satisfied with. With you and your site, you answered all my questions and left me speechless when I received my "axe." Shipping was fast and the condition was perfect. You have gained a very happy customer that not only will continue to shop and buy from you and your company but has passed on your company name to friends, family and local bands. Thank you Dean for everything again.
Sincerely, Patrick
(BC RICH Kerry King V generation 2 flame graphic guitar)


wow, either your shipment was sent from my next door neighbor's house, or you have discovered a time/space worm hole. I got the mandolin the day after you sent me the tracking number. I was impressed. The instrument is great, love it, thanks. I gave you a total thumbs up review on feedback, hope you will do the same for me. Thanks again, and I am sure we will be doing business again. I will definitely recommend you to others that I run into when I go to all of the Bluegrass festivals.


Hello Dean,

we picked up the mandolin, and we're amazed with it.

Once more, we proved to this cruel world that being honest and good man pays-off at the end.
Thank you for being part of this transaction.

Light scratches and a hole in a finish, as reported on Ebay page, are almost non-visible, and the mando is a real beauty.
I�m sure we�ll never regret because we bought this one. He�s just playing after a simpe tune-up I did for him.

Here in Croatia, for 20% more money (and they charged us just half of customs fee we thought we�ll have to pay J )
we could buy fender FM52, which is not close to this. Importing was a clever idea, it seems.

Also, I want to really thank you for the letter inside. My son�s smile is worth more than anything. He loves the gifts, also.

All in all, THANK YOU!

If I�ll ever need anything about mandolins and guitars, you�ll be the first option to go with.

Best regards,


Feedback from a satisfied buyer on eBay:
Dear guitarology,

Thanks Dean
I figured that may be the case, thanks for the follow up, all the best. I cannot put this instrument down, it is just wonderful.
(Gold Tone GMA+ mandolin shipped to Australia)

Feedback from a satisfied buyer on eBay:
Greatest seller I have ever bought from! Very friendly and fair! I LOVE THEM!
ARIA SB-404/5 5-string electric BASS guitar NEW SB404 (#200378478643)

Hi Dean, it's been a pleasure doing business with you. That BC Rich Zombie Neck Thruough was a bargain I couldn't have asked for! It's as well put together and plays as well as any other brand new guitar!! The tone on this guitar is really crunchy and the leads just sing :) Your description of the instrument was spot on and arrived all in good time and well packaged. The coffin case too really kicks :) A great deal on your part as well. Thanks again! Adrian Bernal

All I can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!
The bass looks absolutely beautiful, way more gorgeous than my expectations. I wanted to let you know I am VERY impressed with your excellent service and attention to me right from the start of my email contact of you. I have waited a long time for this bass and I am really really happy I found your business on line. If you ever need any kind of excellent reference, feel free to ask me, and I will send it. I will contact you in a couple of weeks, if the red version doesn't arrive up here at a music store I have tried to deal with since Dec. 1st. 2008. I will keep the red one as a collectible bass. I see you do sell on EBay, and if I had bought it from you there, you would definitely get 5 stars from me! The bass arrived very nicely packaged and in excellent shape. Thank you very much, I can hardly wait to use it on Sunday at practice with the guys in my band known as "Wounded." Have a great day!

OMG!!! The Dobro arrived today. It is BEAUTIFUL!! And the case is fantastic! You are my hero!!! My son-in-law will be in total shock when he sees it. My daughter said he has always wanted a Dobro. I got him a Dobro tie tac(LOL)I will give him first, and tell him Becbec said he always wanted a Dobro. Then I will bring this one one out. I can't wait to see the look on his face! Thank you so much! Cathy

I got the guitar today, and it is AWESOME! It was a pleasure working with you and I definitely will recommend your shop.
Thank you,

Hey Dean,
Just wanted to let ya know this Chaos OB sounds amazing. Lightyears ahead of my Array. Thanks for all your hard work on everything on this and making sure it got to me sounding perfect. Totally satisfied and any other bass needs in the future, you have my business.
Pete Stockwell

Hi Dean,
The guitar arrived totally all right and my boyfriend loves it! It was really well packed. Thanks for all your help and the great service =) I will remember you ;) Thanks again!
Greetings, Marjolein (The Netherlands)

Just wanted to thank you. The mandolin arrived and it is exactly what I hoped it would be. It’s a beautiful instrument and sounds great. You guys did a fantastic job of packing it as well. Thanks, Dave David Baker Architect - Microsoft Consulting Services

Hello Dean, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, the Mandolin arrived, and was in good shape. We are very pleased with it!! The color is just like you said it woul be. The sound is what I've been looking for. I played at a Nursing Home on Sunday, with the Gosel Bluegrass Band that I play with, and they had to turn the volume down on my Microphone, it was way too loud. Thank You for working with me, most folks would not have had the patients with me, that you did, I appreciate it greatly. Marvin King Fort Smith, AR

Good morning Dean, Just wanted to touch base with you, about the beautiful Michael Kelly, I bought from you a few weeks ago. I am so pleased with it, I can't begin to tell you. I have had so many compliments on the color of it, and the sound is absolutely SUPERB!!! I have added you to my best seller list!! Thank You Again, for all your help. Marvin Ft. Smith, AR

harold & elizabeth wiebelt Dean Thanks so much for the great deal on the B C Rich Zombie Exotic Classic. My husband loves it!!! Now he is going to drive me crazy playing his guitar. We will definitely deal with you again. It was very, very nice doing business with you. You made the transaction very easy.

Hi DEAN ! I received the guitar this morning : THANKS, THANK YOU, THANKS A LOT !!! The guitar is perfect, exactly as described. Do you know what strings has the guitar ? I love the tone !!! I went to Ebay a wrote a nice feedback on your profile. Could you do the same for me please ? Once again, I would like to thank you very much for this transaction. Have a good day, Arnaud. (France)

I realy am looking forward to adding this to my collection. I teach and play out all the time and I want to tell you..( and you can reprint )I have switched my self and a lot of others to M/K Mandos. I switch around a lot one night i play M?K Leg -o,next standard leg some times M/K Mandola.But my M/K dragonfly with a tone guard on the back can't be beat for the sound. Bar anything under 5 grand and I don't think the finish can be replaced, it's called ruby (deep red). Adding this new white one just makes my day man I can't wait to see and play it.I have sold my other brands which cost me a lot more money. ALSO make note fret ware on my M/K's very slite,others i have owned show quick signs of ware.I am listed on most bid webs as donolin [email protected] Thanks for your time and service. my call on you again Don Wilson

Buyer in Ireland of a Michael Kelly FSE Mandolin -
hello dean! The mandolin arrived yesterday and all is well ! lovely instrument ! many thanks again !! johnny .

Thanks so much for the great deal on the B C Rich Zombie Exotic Classic.  My husband loves it!!!  Now he is going to drive me crazy playing his guitar.  We will definitely deal with you again. It was very, very nice doing business with you.  You made the transaction very easy.
Elizabeth Wieman (La.)

Dean, I just received the Q Hourglass, solid body guitar, and it is very impressive. I have to thank you for the meticulous job you did in making sure everything was to my liking. The guitar looks and plays like a dream. The split coil option makes putting the guitar down even more difficult! I am interested in this Deuce, also. This is a close out, as well? The proce seems incredible considering the price and quakity of the Hourglass. If there is any additional information you might be able to provide, I'd be happy to know it. The BB King, "Lucille" looking guitar would be an interesting purchase. I'm just curious as to the sound. I have a Michael Kelly Hybrid in addition to the recently arrived Hourglass and truly enjoy them both. Maybe I'm looking at a case of overkill, here? ;) Melissa Clark

Just a note to say how much I appreciated dealing with you during our recent order for Michael Kelly guitars. I would highly recommend you to anyone for your excellent customer service, expertise, and pricing. The Michael Kelly Patriot and Valor are incredible guitars for the money. The attention to detail, features, sustain, tone, setup, and intonation are all superb. Dollar-for-dollar, they are hard to beat. Obviously their designers are listening to players, and it shows. I am very happy with my purchase, and look forward to more in the near future!
-Greg in Vermont

I just wanted to say "thanks" once again for the good deal and excellent service.   It was a pleasure to meet you and your family and I wish you the best.  You may keep my e-mail address if you ever need a reference from a skeptical buyer, and I have a very good customer rating on Ebay myself, as "sdostaff".
Mack (Sanford, FL)

Hello Candy & Dean,
just wanted to thank you for the great price on the Traben Sun 5 String Bass! I have four Bass guitars and the Traben is very hard to put down. It plays like butta...I get a natural high every time a play it. And those GHS strings are totally warped of the charts slinky.....
Thank You,
Stephen "Limitless" DuBuc

I received the AD-80CE Nov 30. A very nice guitar indeed, looks, feels and sounds just great. It's a keeper for me. In the near future I'll replace the saddle and strings and set it up to my liking. Thanks very much for accomodating me over the phone/email media and also for the fast shipping. Have a great Christmas!
Rod Delaney

Hi Dean and Candi,
The banjo has just arrived to my hands, and I must and have to highly congratulate you for your excellent job. Everything was very well packaged and protected, and I did not realize anything in bad shape. The Postal Spanish company (called "Correos"), brought it to my house this evening, so I did not have to pick it up to the airport. I hope everything is right with your business, and also with you. If I ever had the opportunity to visit the US, I would like to meet your business, and have a beer with you ;-). Of course, I'm sure I'd buy any other instrument! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and good luck too! Thank you for your support and your excellent service and attention in every moment.
Best regards,
(Ruben in Spain)

June 25th, 2004 6:04 pm 847-894-8873
Hello - this is a message for Dean Johnson - Hi Dean - this is Frank Ai -
I actually ordered a Michael Kelly Hourglass Q from you about a month and a half, almost two months ago - it actually came in and I have had if for about 3 days now and it turned out great - I really enjoy the guitar, it plays great, it�s in great shape and yeah, like you said, for the price there is nothing that can beat it, and thank you so much for the communication and for seeing me through this purchase and I am a very satisfied customer and thank you again - take it easy and have a great weekend.

Greetings Dean,
Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the deuce and impressed by your communication and super fast shipping.This is my first Kelly but certainly not my last.
Thanks Again,

HI Dean.
Received the Deuce on Thursday. It arrived safe and sound. Pretty fast shipping considering it had to go thru customs. It's bigger than I expected. Heavier too. Nice looking guitar. Nicely finished. The finish around the f-holes let's you know it's not high end but for the price I think it's a heck of a deal. Definitely sounds better than I expected for a guitar at this price. Quite a nice chunky neck. Plays well. All in all I'm pleased.
Thanks and regards,
Gary. (Canada)

Hi Dean;
Rec'd guitar/case today in A 1 shape ,excellent packing, looks and sounds great, sustain super, fast shipping.

Warlock came in today. What an awesome guitar! It rips. I cant get over the value for the price.
Thanks a Million!

I want to thank you for the A-1 service. The mandolin is beautiful, and sounds great. I'm sure it will provide years of enjoyment. Everything was just as you described. I'll be referring friends to your store.
Charles Wetzler

Thanks for the reply. My son, who is a very accomplished guitarist and I played with the guitar and figured out the coil tapping set up and options. This is a fantastic guitar! My son owns and plays a Paul Reed Smith, Gibson Les Paul and a Taylor solid-body. He says that for the money, he has never played a better sounding or better playing guitar than the Michael Kelly. That is quite an endorsement!
Jim Cisco

You're right about the MKs being great values. I have two of their mandolins, and they will hold their own against anybody's mandolin. I recently carried the both to our local plectorial society's weekly open-air jam. I covered the heads with paper bags so that the manufacture's name could not be seen. I had most of the local mandolin players play the MKs and evaluate them against their Gibsons and other brands. 7 out of 10 of the mandolin players preferred the sound, intonation and playability of the MK to their own mandolins, even "The Gibson"! They were all amazed when I took the bags off and they discovered they had been playing the MKs. You're also right about your price. It is a super bargain.

Hey this is David Miller (bought the Michael Kelly Valor Custom Natural from you), Just wanted to let you know the guitar came in today PERFECT! Thanks for the sweet deal and if I can recommend you or need more gear I certainly will recommend and or use you again.

I received the guitar this morning : THANKS, THANK YOU, THANKS A LOT !!! The guitar is perfect, exactly as described. Do you know what strings the guitar has? I love the tone!!! Once again, I would like to thank you very much for this transaction.
Have a good day,

I got the guitar today. Absolutely beautiful and plays better than anything I've ever played before. The guys' jaws are going to drop when I break this puppy out at practice on Wednesday! Thank you!

Hey this is David Miller (bought the Michael Kelly Valor Custom Natural from you), Just wanted to let you know the guitar came in today PERFECT!
Thanks for the sweet deal and if I can recommend you or need more gear I certainly will recommend and or use you again.

- buyer of a Michael Kelly Legacy FSE electric mandolin

Hi: Received guitar safe and sound. Overall very nice & sounds good acoustically. My amp is being repaired (finally getting new old stock tubes)so I can not comment on the plugged in sound.. I have two Gibson pups from a damaged 335 that most likley will be insalling in the MK Velvet II. It did have a few blemish flaws(slight) at the heel (glue under clearcoat), body binding (a little off on te paint by the upper horn)and end of woodbase for fret board (exposed wood..just needs paint). But no biggie...its not hanging on a will wind up getting play wear anyway! I oiled the fret board , changed the strings and lightly polished the frets...came out great. Thanks...a great deal...neck feels good...I like it!

Hi Dean, Just dropping a note to let you know that I got the mandolin on Thursday. It is beautiful and more so than on your website. I'm off to the local music store to get a beginners DVD and have lessons lined up soon to start. I just wish I could play it now. It sounds great so far to the untrained ear.

Hi Dean, my AOD Guitar arrived today, ABSOLUTE FANTASTIC !!.. One of the best guitars I have, not got to thrash it yet!.. re-work. Thankyou very much for all your help re my enquiries before I purchased. Your delivery service is brilliant, all way from the USA to Cannock, Staffs, England. Guitarology's all round service from my buying to receiving my guitar has been a pleasure to deal with. I look forward to maybe buying again from you in very near future. I have left you 100% positive feedback, can you please complete mine when you have time. Many thanks, KIND REGARDS, Colin. :-) (customer in the UK)